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The club will be closed on Saturday October 21

Dan, Ronald and Luc are participating in the Santa Fe tournament.

5th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial, entries


Dan Seemiller Jr – 2330
Abdullah Almkeemy – 2273
Michael Gopin – 1752
Robert Compton – 1721
Nanda Kishore Mallem – *1600
Nathaniel Miller – 1596
Yasser Soliman – 1588
Gene Tuttle – 1499
Luc Longpre – 1470
Rudy Urias – 1423
Ralph Tanner – 1385
Michael Hogue – *1300
Cruz Talamantez – *1250
Gurupartap Davis – 1198
Travis Gobeille – *1100
Ana Solis – 883
Domingo Armendarez – 696
Eesa Soliman – 204

* estimated rating


Canceled due to lack of entries.
Club opens by 10am.
Singles still starting at 1pm.

5th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial

For printing, (including entry form) use the pdf version

Saturday, August 26th, 2017

Location: 2727 Wyoming, El Paso, Tx (I-10 to Piedras exit 21, North 2 blocks)
Featuring Giant RR and U-4000 Doubles
USATT sanctioned 2-star event – under $400 CASH in prizes

1) U-4000 Doubles – round-robin starts 10am (canceled due to lack of entries)
2) Giant RR – (8-9 matches per player) 1pm, limited to 27 entries

Singles Prizes: * (based on full field)
Group A: 1st $100, 2nd $75
Group B: 1st $60, 2nd $50
Group C and D: NICE trophies

Eligibility: Open to all USATT members
All USATT Rules will apply and matches will be 3/5 to 11 points
Entry Deadline: Wednesday, August 23rd or when full. Enter early to secure spot
Equipment: Butterfly tables, individual courts, white poly Nittaku balls, fantastic conditions!
Flooring: Red Gerflor sport court on all tables
Ratings: Most current available will be used for eligibility/seeding

Tourney Director: Dan Seemiller Jr phone: (574-485-8810)
Referee: Luc Longpré, CR/CU
Umpire: Ronald Meeks
Tournament Committee: Michael Gopin, Robert Compton


USATT membership: $75 adults, Junior/college $45 (1 year, other terms available)
or Tournament Pass: $20
Round-Robin: $36 adults, $26 juniors.
Doubles: $10 per player

* prize money subject to reduction based on number of entries

Arizona Sizzler Open, Phoenix, July 22 & 23

Silva, Abdullah Almkeemy, Hamad Abdullah

Luc Longpré, Ronald meeks, Dan Seemiller Jr, Rudy Urias, Carlos Silva, Abdullah Almkeemy, Hamad Abdullah

Open Singles, Dan Seemiller Jr., 1st place
Open Singles, Abdullah Almkeemy, semi-finalist
Open Doubles, Hamad Abdullah & Dan Seemiller Jr, 1st place
Open Doubles, Abdullah Almkeemy & Ronald Meeks, 2nd place
U-3700 Doubles, Abdullah Almkeemy & Carlos Silva, 1st place
U-3200 Doubles, Rudy Urias & Ronald Meeks, 2nd place
Over 60, Luc Longpré, quarter-finalist

League Results for Saturday June 24th

Group A-
1st- Dan Seemiller Jr
2nd- Mark Flores
3rd- Jake Arciniega
4th- Ronald Thomas Meeks
5th- Michael Gopin
6th- Chaesun Jimenez

Group B-
1st- Chuling Lo
2nd- Jennyca Sequeña
3rd- Sean Ko
4th- Luc Longpré
5th- Ralph Tanner
6th- Cruz Talamantes

Handicap League (Feb-Apr 2017) Results

1) Dan Seemiller Jr: (W-L) 23-3, 49pts
2) Cruz Talamantes: 14-8, 36pts
3) Carlos Silva: 9-12, 30pts
4) Luc Longpré: 8-14, 30pts (tie breaker, Carlos 3-0 against Luc)
5) River Xiao: 8-11, 27pts

See the final results table.

February 25, 2017 Winter Giant Round Robin

Group A

Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st place Dan Seemiller Jr, 2nd

Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st
Dan Seemiller Jr, 2nd

Group A participants:

Abdullah Almkeemy
Joey Cochran
Michael Gopin
Kali Goring
Dan Seemiller Jr
Gene Tuttle

Group B

Kyle Moyant, 3rd Luc Longpré, 1st Gloria Cadavid, 2nd

Kyle Moyant, 3rd
Luc Longpré, 1st
Gloria Cadavid, 2nd

Group B Participants:

Domingo Armendarez
Gloria Cadavid
Carney Foy
Luc Longpré
Kyle Moyant
Carlos Silva
Ralph Tanner
Thomas Wintrich

Cadavid, Moyant and Wintrich were in a 3-way tie for second place, and for all 3, matches 1-1, games 4-4, needing to go to points to break the tie.

U-3700 Doubles

Abdullah Almkeemy / Carlos Silva 1st

Abdullah Almkeemy / Carlos Silva 1st

Gene Tuttle / Dan Seemiller Jr. 2nd

Gene Tuttle / Dan Seemiller Jr. 2nd

Doubles participants:

Almkeemy / Silva
Armendarez / Tanner
Cadavid / Longpré
Cochran / Cochran
Gopin / Meeks
Seemiller / Tuttle

Get tournament announcement and entry blank.

2016 US Nationals

Ronald Meeks and Michael Gopin, quarterfinalists in U3700 doubles
Dan Seemiller Jr, quarterfinalist in U2400
Abdullah Almkeemy, quarterfinalist in U2400
Mark Flores won phase 1 in U2100
Ralph Tanner won phase 1 in U1500

Abdullah Almkeemy
Dan Seemiller Jr
Mark Flores
Michael Gopin
Ronald Meeks
Ralph Tanner

1st Annual Mark Nordby Memorial Fall Open Results

Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st Dan Seemiller Jr, 2nd

Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st
Dan Seemiller Jr, 2nd

Group A

Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st place
Dan Seemiller Jr, 2nd place

Gene Tuttle, 2nd Luc Longpré, 1st

Gene Tuttle, 2nd
Luc Longpré, 1st

Group B

Luc Longpré, 1st place
Gene Tuttle, 2nd place

Carlos Silva and Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st

Carlos Silva and Abdullah Almkeemy, 1st

Chae Sun Jimenez and Michael Gopin, 2nd

Chae Sun Jimenez and Michael Gopin, 2nd


Abdullah Almkeemy/Carlos Silva, 1st place
Michael Gopin/Chae Sun Jimenez, 2nd place

Tournament pictures





list of entrants


Abdullah Almkeemy, 2362
Dan Seemiller Jr, 2294
Mark Flores, 2021
Cong Phan, 1800 (Est.)
Michal Gopin, 1764
Robert Compton, 1717
Thomas Wintrich, 1617
Terry Huey, 1589
Luc Longpre, 1504
Ralph Tanner, 1499
Sean Ko, 1486
Gene Tuttle, 1354
Anthony Bastian, 1150 (Est.)
Carlos Silva, 974
Domingo Armendarez, 722


Michael Gopin/Chae Sun Jimenez
Dan Seemiller Jr/Anthony Bastian
Abdullah Almkeemy/Carlos Silva
Robert Comption/Thomas Wintrich
Ronald Meeks/Luc Longpre
Terry Huey/Domingo Armendarez

View the tournament announcement.

Dan Seemiller Jr

Dan Seemiller Jr

Dan Seemiller Jr

El Paso Table Tennis welcomes coach Dan Seemiller Jr, who started as head coach on September 1st. Come to visit us and meet our new coach.

5th Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial Tournament
Saturday, July 30th, 2016

Due to too few entries, the Annual Robert Bluestone Memorial Tournament was canceled.

Perry Schwartzberg

Tuesday, May 5, the club was honored to have the visit of coach Perry Schwartzberg. Perry came back to visit us in mid june. We quote here the San Diego website, where he is head coach:

Perry Schwartzberg is a 3 time Texas State Men’s Table Tennis Champion and the holder of more than a dozen National titles.

Perry has instructed 6 former U.S. National Men’s champions including Sean O’Neill, Eric Owens and the 3 times U.S. Men’s Champion, Timothy Wang.

Mark Nordby, 11-9-1967 — 4-4-2016


Members of the club are deeply saddened by coach Nordby passing away suddenly at his home on Monday, April 4th, late afternoon.

We had a memorial at the club on Saturday, April 9th.

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Michael Gopin, Dan Seemiller, Mark Nordby, Mark Hazinski

Michael Gopin, Mark Nordby, Dan Seemiller, Mark Hazinski

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