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Handicap League results (Oct-Dec 2015)

Congrats to Oct-Dec2015 League winners Jennyca 1st-$50, Ralph 2nd-$30, Augusto 3rd-$20

Ralph Tanner, 2nd, Jennyca Flores, 1st

Ralph Tanner, 2nd, Jennyca Flores, 1st

See final results (.pdf).

2015 US Nationals results

Mike Gopin made the semi-finals of the adult U-1800 event

Mark Nordby won the O-40 Doubles with Dan Seemiller by upsetting 2 higher ranked teams in a row

Mark Hazinski (longtime friend/student of Coach Nordby) made the finals of Men’s singles for the fourth time

Results for Nov 21 El Paso Fall Open

It was a BIG day for Chinoz Rojas and Augusto Rodriguez as they won Group A and Group B respectively and also claimed U-3500 doubles in a 3-way tie.

Chinoz was seeded 4th (out of 9) and upset Gustavo Martinez and Mark Flores in 5 game battles and also came back from being down 2-1 to defeat Adam Block of Tucson, AZ to claim the $100 1st prize.

Augusto was seeded 9th (out of 9) and played solidly to finish 7-1 and claim the 1st prize of $60.

Chinoz and Augusto also went 3-1 in U-3500 Doubles to claim the $40 1st prize.
They won a 3-way tiebreak over Shekhar and YJ of Santa Fe and Gustavo and Luc of El Paso.

Individual results below.

Group A

Mark Flores, 2nd Chinoz Rojas, 1st

Mark Flores: 2nd, Chinoz Rojas: 1st

Chinoz Rojas(EP) 8-0
Mark Flores(EP) 7-1
Adam Block(AZ) 6-2
Gus Martinez(EP) 5-3,
ChaeSun Jimenez(EP) 3-5
Shekhar Deshpande(NM) 3-5
Michael Gopin(EP) 2-6
Tom Wintrich(NM) 2-6
Kali Goring(NM) 0-8

Group B

Amit Lopes: 2nd, Augusto Rodriguez: 1st

Amit Lopes: 2nd, Augusto Cazares: 1st

Augusto Rodriguez(EP) 7-1
Amit Lopes(EP) 7-1
YJ Kim(NM) 6-2
Sean Ko(EP) 5-3
Marty Alvarado(EP) 4-4
Luc Longpre(EP) 3-5
Ralph Tanner(EP) 2-6
Kyle Moyant(NM) 2-6
Jay DeManuel(NM) 0-8

U-3500 doubles

Chinoz Rojas and Augusto Rodriguez, 1st place

Chinoz Rojas and Augusto Rodriguez, 1st place

Gustavo Martinez and Luc Longpré, 2nd place

Gustavo Martinez and Luc Longpré, 2nd place

A HUGE thank you goes out to all of our out-of-town competitors for attending…Adam Block-Tucson, Shekhar Deshpande-Santa Fe,Tom Wintrich-ABQ, Kali Goring-Santa Fe, YJ Kim-Santa Fe, Kyle Moyant-NM, and Jay DeManuel-Alamogordo.

Thanks to Ronald Meeks for helping manage the tourney and coaching his fellow El Paso club members.

Santa Fe, NM Double Round-Robin Tournament Oct 24 Highlights

48 players from NM, TX, CO, CA, Indiana and Europe competed in 4 groups based on playing level – A, B, C, D

Our El Paso participant results were as follows

Gustavo Martinez – took 2nd in Group A taking home $100 going 9-1 for the day( lost the final 19-17 in the 5th game to Ron Pickett of ABQ in a very impressive display of forehand looping by both players)
Ronald Meeks – took 3rd in Group A taking home $50 going 8-2 on the day
Michael Gopin – finished Group A in tie for 5th/6th going 6-2 on the day
Luc Longpre – finished Group B in tie for 7th/8th going 4-4 for the day

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Michael Gopin, Dan Seemiller, Mark Nordby, Mark Hazinski

Michael Gopin, Mark Nordby, Dan Seemiller, Mark Hazinski

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