El Paso Table Tennis

2nd Handicap League Information

  1. This will be a Double Round-Robin where you hopefully play everyone twice
  2. The results will be based on a point system : 2 pts. for a win, 1 pt. for a loss, and zero pts. for an unplayed match
  3. The matches will be played from Oct 15th thru Jan 31st (3+ months gives everyone plenty of time to play)
  4. The handicap chart (Thanks to Luc !!) is on the corkboard and is based on the difference in your New Club ratings
  5. 1st prize $50 and immortality on our wall downstairs
    2nd prize $25 (and pretty good bragging rights !) $10 entry fee
  6. Please leave accurate results in the box labeled League Matches at our club and I will post the results on the wall at the club
  7. Once a match has begun, it is official ( So make sure you really want to play and feel ready ! i.e. get a good warm-up )
  8. Each player is responsible for scheduling their matches
  9. Please read #2 above again … this means on Jan 31, every match you have not completed will really hurt your point total (i.e. – a competitor with a worse record could still win just by playing every match possible)
  10. The goal is to play matches that are a little more intense than normal club matches, which helps all of us improve
  11. If you have any questions that I may not have covered, please see Mark or call 915 877 5438


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