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Visit to the TOPS club in Repentigny Quebec

Luc Longpré visits a Montreal regional club

During a visit to his home town, Repentigny, a suburb of Montreal, Luc Longpré visited the local club: the club de tennis de table TOPS.

Luc’s comments

I was very surprised to learn that Repentigny has such an awesome club and that it exists since 1981. The club developed several players that competed successfully at the province and at the Canadian levels. The most notable is Repentigny born Marie-Christine Roussy who participated in the Olympics in Athens and Sydney. I visited the club on the “adults” evening. They also have several other time slots open for children of different age groups. While I visited, we were about 14 players. The coach Jean-Francois Roussy, Marie-Christine’s brother (both are US rated above 2300,) led the training with group drills, individual drills and games. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will make it a point to visit whenever I’m in town.

Luc Longpré and Jean-François Roussy

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